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It’s Gotta Be God

Every year, as I sit in my garden tending to the plants, singing with the mockingbirds, I am reminded that I merely plant and water. It is truly God who gives the increase. These growing vegetables that I started from seed are now bearing fruit because they have been properly nourished, succored, weeded, and protected […]

How Does YOUR Garden Grow?

Tomatoes are blushing on the vine, string beans are blossoming, and I’d love to see YOUR garden photos.. Send them to me at and the top photos will be posted here. Go ahead and brag about your garden! We’d all love to hear about it and see some pix.

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Recipe – Health Nut Bread

I was unable to find my favorite health nut bread at the local supermarket so I decided to make my own. I took my favorite whole wheat recipe, added a bit more water and oil and a full cup of different seeds and nuts. It turned out to be a big, heavy, hearty delicious loaf. […]

Gardeners: Start Your Seedlings!!!

There is nothing quite as satisfying as growing your vegetable garden entirely from seeds. Some plants, like squash and beans, can be directly planted into your garden in October (Zones 9 and 10). It’s not only the thrill of watching the little seedlings emerge and thrive, or the satisfaction you can get from eating a […]

Life Feeds on Life!

I’ve said it before and I’ll keep teaching it. Live requires living organisms to feed on for optimal health and energy. No, I don’t have a PhD on the subjest. No, I can’t quote any studies that prove it. What I can point to as proof is how God Almighty set up this earth […]

For the Record…

Just for the record, Burpee’s do not now, never have, and never will sell GMO (genetically modified organisms) seeds. Here’s the scoop straight from the owner’s mouth:By George Ball – Burpee Chairman and CEO

I and others at Burpee are asked occassionally about our alleged connection to Monsanto and whether we sell GMO seed. We […]

Memorial Day

My dad was in the Army during WW2. He served in the South Pacific. These photos were taken in New Guinea. He’s been dead since 1973, and not a single Memorial Day has passed since then when I didn’t think of my dad, Robert C. Meisterling, and his service to and love of this great […]

I Love My Kindle

I recently got a Kindle electronic reader. I’d had some surgery and needed a good source of reading material, so I ordered the new, little Kindle from Amazon. I love it. I don’t know how I’ve lived for so long without it. I like everything about it. I like that I can […]

Recipe – Quick Kimchee

1 large head Napa cabbage or 2 large heads bok choy 1/4 c. salt (kosher, sea, or pickling) 1/2 c. rice vinegar 1 tsp. sugar 1 – 2 Tbsp. hot chili paste like Srirachi OR 1/4 cup kimchee base 4 cloves of garlic, minced 2″ piece of ginger, peeled and grated 6 scallions, chopped […]

Plant Your Fall Garden Seeds Now!

By now all of you Florida gardeners should have your seeds started. If you don’t, there are plenty of seed starting systems available, and it’s not too late to plant your seeds. If you get them started this week, You’ll be able to move them into your outside beds in mid-October, at 6 weeks […]