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Hey, Dilly Dilly

I grew this Mammoth Dill from Burpee a couple of times. It lives up to its name, too, growing easily 4′ high. One plant, grown to maturity, put out about 30 big flowers, and after cutting the dill all season long, even harvesting whole flowers at times, I still harvested over a cup full of […]

Make Your Garden Attractive – to Beneficials

The first year I grew my garden, I started lots of sunflowers, zinnias and marigold varieties from seed. I happily scattered them throughout the garden, and suddenly my vegetable beds were alive with beautiful blooms. Along with the blossoms came lots of unexpected guests from the insect world. This, I found out, was a very […]

Bugs: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

The Good

Anyone who gardens knows that insects are a part of the deal. I used to shudder and jump if an insect landed on me out there; now they don’t bother me at all. Like the lizards, they hop on, hop off. Most people assume that all insects in the garden are destructive, […]

Bees Are Your Friends

One great reason to plant a few flowers in your vegetable garden is to attract bees. Although some vegetables are self-pollinating, like tomatoes and corn, most of the flowering plants need the help of our little insect friends to accomplish this task. Bees are industrious workers, gathering nectar in the mornings, transferring the pollen that […]