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Broccoli, Broccoli, and More Broccoli – Again!

I wrote before how broccoli plants keep producing for weeks, and here’s what the plants look like during their third or fourth production of broccoli. As you can see on the left, the heads take on a fractal formation, very geometric in some and in others some very logarithmic spirals emerge. They look weird, but […]

Doing Things Differently

I spray painted my hair fluorescent pink this morning. I awakened with my usual mohawk (I’m a side sleeper), and had purchased the pink hair spray a few months ago on a whim, so I thought “why not? This will get a good chuckle out of Rick.” We love to do weird things to delight […]

Manure Tea and Other Strange Mixtures

One thing that I am finding exciting about blogging is that people are contacting me from around the country to ask me to sample their garden products and blog about them, with either good reviews or bad. I’ve written before about Chuck, who contacted me from a company called Custom Biologicals, makers of BiotaMax soil […]

Count the Tomatoes

Can you count the tomatoes in this photo of one of my plants last year? I count 14. Rick gets these great photographs because he looks for the design in the details. I have a few little baby tomatoes and even more blossoms on my plants already. It’s been raining solidly for […]

Today’s Photos

Here is what everything looks like this morning. The right half of each bed has been treated with BiotaMax, the left side untreated. Here’s the cabbage patch:

Here are the tomatoes and onions:

And the cucumbers along the trellis; seedlings popping up in the foreground. Notice the carrots on […]

Backyard Birds

My husband found some older photos on his computer of some visitors to my feeder and emailed them to me. I was delighted to get them on my laptop.

One morning, I was making coffee, half asleep, when I looked outside (without my glasses) and saw a blurry flash of red, bright green, and blue […]

Feed the Birds!

Project Feeder Watch Winning Photo,American Goldfinch by Jeanne Kosciw, Tolland, Connecticut

Isn’t this a great photo? Photographing the birds that visit my back yard has been a hobby for a few years now. None of mine compare to this beauty, but I have captured a few photos of visiting parrots, woodpeckers, jays and even […]

More Garden Photos

Isn’t this cabbage plant beautiful? It’s growing beautifully on the treated side of my cabbage patch. I applied the probiotic soil product, BiotaMax on the right side of all of my beds. This cabbage is a testament of the product’s effectiveness, as are the cucumber vines pictured below.