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The State of Tomatoes

I picked another quart of cherry tomatoes this afternoon. Those Sweet Million plants just keep on producing. I’ve probably gotten 4 or 5 gallons per plant this season!

As I was inspecting my new plants, I pulled off the dead branches at the bottom. I don’t know why they do that, but the big tomato […]

Stormy Monday

It’s still dark outside at 10:00 am this stormy Monday. My garden LOVES the stormy mornings. It’s been raining intermittently since I first awakened at oh dark thirty. The sound of distant thunder rumbles on and I’m a happy camper. God is watering and fertilizing my garden with nitrogen rich rain. Thank you, Daddy.


Grow Bag, Automator, Aqua Cone, Sea Magic, & BiotaMax Trials

I planted these little seedlings exactly 23 days ago. I have never, ever seen tomato plants flourish so quickly! I walked outside and said “WOW!” I couldn’t believe how big and healthy these two plants are. On these, I did everything right. I set up the growing bags with good soil and good organic slow […]

Tomato Automators

I have seen these for years at many gardening sites and in all the catalogues, and I must admit I’ve always been intrigued by them. This product is called a tomato automator. Here’s what Gardener’s Supply has to say about it:

These deceptively simple tomato plant surrounds will produce healthier, more productive tomato plants […]

Yikes! Spikes!

In my ever increasing effort to host a work free, maintenance free garden this summer, I have invested in something called watering spikes. I ordered them from Gardener’s Supply and can’t wait to see how well they work. These little babies are going to be a big help this summer. Since I’m growing tomatoes in […]

Lettuce Spray

I love growing lettuce. There’s just something about watching it grow that fascinates me. My little babies are coming along beautifully, and survived the cold with nary a yellow leaf. I took these photos yesterday.

As you can see, the seed tape I planted had seeds about every inch or so. These plants will […]

Irrigation, Watering, and Praying for Rain

Your garden will thrive the best if you water it every day that it doesn’t rain. I enjoy doing this with a hose with a wand attachment that has a soaker setting. The wand enables me to sit in one spot weeding and the 3′ wand reaches to just about every corner of the bed. […]