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Plant Supports

This beautiful cucumber trellis is a great example of utilizing every square foot of real estate in your raised garden bed. I love that in this picture, the gardener planted lettuce all around the cucumber trellis, which has very shallow roots. The cucumbers will send their roots deeper into the soil so you won’t […]

Seed Catalogues Are Coming!

I just got my new Burpee catalogue in the mail, filled with delightful photos of the huge variety of seeds that are available for the home gardener. I just love this time of year and drool over the beautiful vegetables that I can grow. For the Florida gardener, now is the time to plan […]

Beautiful Cabbage!

Beautiful Perfect Cabbage-BiotaMax Treated Side


Isn’t this a beautiful sight? This tender young cabbage plant is just perfect, growing beautifully because of the proper probiotics I added to the soil by using BiotaMax. Not only do the right organisms in the soil aid in growth, but they strengthen the plants so that disease […]

Buying Pre-Made Raised Beds

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: raised beds are the best way to grow vegetables. When it comes to raised beds, the deeper they are, the better. Soil levels settle with rain, and I like at least 10″ depth for growing most vegetables. My beds are 18″ deep, mainly because the greater […]

Grow Bag, Automator, Aqua Cone, Sea Magic, & BiotaMax Trials

I planted these little seedlings exactly 23 days ago. I have never, ever seen tomato plants flourish so quickly! I walked outside and said “WOW!” I couldn’t believe how big and healthy these two plants are. On these, I did everything right. I set up the growing bags with good soil and good organic slow […]

Composting Basics

Compost is the result of organic material that’s been decomposed by aerobic decomposition into rich soil. Nothing nourishes your garden like good compost. Making compost is simple and easy. You can use any number of the many composting devices sold, and if you live in the city or suburb, definitely need an enclosed compost bin. […]

Equipment – Garden Seat and Kneeler

I recently purchased one of these foldable combination seat/kneelers for my husband. He’s a faux finish painter and his knees take a beating. Not only is he up and down doing baseboards or walls, but he kneels in all this construction dust and his skin really suffers. I saw this handy looking kneeler in Gardener’s […]

Tomato Automators

I have seen these for years at many gardening sites and in all the catalogues, and I must admit I’ve always been intrigued by them. This product is called a tomato automator. Here’s what Gardener’s Supply has to say about it:

These deceptively simple tomato plant surrounds will produce healthier, more productive tomato plants […]

Yikes! Spikes!

In my ever increasing effort to host a work free, maintenance free garden this summer, I have invested in something called watering spikes. I ordered them from Gardener’s Supply and can’t wait to see how well they work. These little babies are going to be a big help this summer. Since I’m growing tomatoes in […]

Beautiful Weather for Gardening

It’s spectacularly comfortable weather today, cool, sunny, non-humid; Rick is washing his van and my car; I will be out among the vegetables, in the garden. Even with intensive raised beds, vegetable gardening does require some work. It’s not much, really, but it must be done on a weekly basis, so when the weather is […]