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Watering, Irrigation, and Praying for Rain

Your garden will thrive the best if you water it every day that it doesn’t rain. I enjoy doing this with a hose with a wand attachment that has a soaker setting. The wand enables me to sit in one spot weeding and […]

The State of Tomatoes

I picked another quart of cherry tomatoes this afternoon. Those Sweet Million plants just keep on producing. I’ve probably gotten 4 or 5 gallons per plant this season!

As I was inspecting my new plants, I pulled off the dead branches at the bottom. I don’t know why they do that, but the big tomato […]

Stormy Monday

It’s still dark outside at 10:00 am this stormy Monday. My garden LOVES the stormy mornings. It’s been raining intermittently since I first awakened at oh dark thirty. The sound of distant thunder rumbles on and I’m a happy camper. God is watering and fertilizing my garden with nitrogen rich rain. Thank you, Daddy.


Lightning and Thunder!

I’ve always enjoyed a good thunderstorm. This morning the storms approached from afar. I awakened at about 3:30 with brilliant strobe lights in the bedroom and a 25 pound cat on my head. I’m not sure which one awakened me. The distant lightning was flashing continually and I was waiting for the booms to […]