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The Northern Cardinal

Isn’t this a stunning photo? The kind people at Project Feeder Watch emailed it to me today. This is the time of year when the entire eastern US can spot these bright and flighty little gems. The Northern Cardinal is always fun to spot. This is a male. The female has more brown in her […]

Doing Things Differently

I spray painted my hair fluorescent pink this morning. I awakened with my usual mohawk (I’m a side sleeper), and had purchased the pink hair spray a few months ago on a whim, so I thought “why not? This will get a good chuckle out of Rick.” We love to do weird things to delight […]

Backyard Birds

My husband found some older photos on his computer of some visitors to my feeder and emailed them to me. I was delighted to get them on my laptop.

One morning, I was making coffee, half asleep, when I looked outside (without my glasses) and saw a blurry flash of red, bright green, and blue […]

Feed the Birds!

Project Feeder Watch Winning Photo,American Goldfinch by Jeanne Kosciw, Tolland, Connecticut

Isn’t this a great photo? Photographing the birds that visit my back yard has been a hobby for a few years now. None of mine compare to this beauty, but I have captured a few photos of visiting parrots, woodpeckers, jays and even […]

For the Birds

My friend Carol knows more about birds than anyone I’ve ever met. She has such a trained eye that she can spot the smallest warbler deep in the upper canopy of the trees. She taught me to notice the bird life around me, and to my surprise, I found that God placed beautiful little […]