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Seed Catalogues Are Coming!

I just got my new Burpee catalogue in the mail, filled with delightful photos of the huge variety of seeds that are available for the home gardener. I just love this time of year and drool over the beautiful vegetables that I can grow. For the Florida gardener, now is the time to plan […]

Another Plan for Your Raised Beds

Here is another plan for one of your 4′ x 4′ raised beds. To me, the main reason for gardening is the tomatoes, so I always dedicate one or two of my beds to tomatoes and the accompanying herbs and onions that compliment the tomatoes.

As you can see in this bed, I have four […]

July is Garden Planning Month

For all of us South Florida gardeners, August is the month to start our seeds, so July is the time to make the plans for our gardens. Utilizing square foot gardening principles, I’ve found that I can cram a LOT of vegetables into a small space. One year I started over 200 seedlings and […]

To Grid or Not To Grid

Square foot gardening is the best way to maximize your garden’s growing potential. I’ve done it both with and without the help of grids like the one pictured above. Mel Bartholomew says that the grids are essential for utilizing every possible inch of space in your raised beds, and his […]

Plan Your Garden

My thoughts are turning to all of you wonderful gardeners to the north of us who should begin planning your spring gardens now. Those of you in Zone 9 and even parts of Zone 8, including northern Florida, the Gulf Coast, south Texas and southern and coastal California can all plan on setting your seedlings […]