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Recipe – Hot Chai Almond Milk

Briden Wilson Farm has newly harvested live, unpasteurized almonds for sale. Their Nonpariel almonds are large, sweet, and crunchy – perfect for making almond milk. You can get them at

If you like Chai tea, here’s a recipe that’s great for bedtime, is full of protein and enzymes, and is sugar free. To […]

Recipe – Berry Power Protein Smoothie

I make these protein drinks every day. Since I quit eating sugar I’ve found that this makes a great breakfast on days when I have a sweet tooth. It is also good for a snack at night. A cup of milk contains 9 grams of sugar. I’m trying to restrict my intake to 15 grams […]

Recipe – Almond Milk

The Almond Tree Flourishes

I was first turned on to raw almond milk in the 1970’s. The great nutritionist and whole live food champion Grace Bliss extolled its virtues, and I remember being served almond milk with our breakfast cereal at our ministry’s headquarters. When the almonds are live and soaked for 12 hours, […]