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Recipe – Spring Onion, Carrot, and Tomato Salad

My favorite garden salad recipe was inspired by the great chef, Jamie Oliver. He has a terrific show, Jamie at Home, in which he pulls produce out of his amazing garden of raised beds and prepares it fresh. His method of prepping onions for a salad is the best. He slices shallots, spring onions, or […]

Recipe – Marrakesh Carrots

5 lbs organic carrots, scrubbed and sliced thinly 1/2 cup chopped fresh parsley 3 lemons, zested and juiced, about 2 tsp zest and 1/3 cup juice 1 Tbsp cumin 1 Tbsp paprika 4 large cloves garlic, minced or pressed 2 tsp. salt 1 tsp. pepper 1/4 tsp cayenne 1/2 – 3/4 cup extra virgin […]

Recipe – Diane’s Grape Salad

My friend Diane facebooked me and told me she was taking my Cranberry Orange Sauce with Walnuts and Grape Salad to her son’s tomorrow. I’d never heard of grape salad. When I learned it had broccoli in it, I had to get the recipe. Sounds deeeeeelish! Thanks, Didy!

Grape Salad

1 Cup broccoli florets […]

Recipe – Eggless Caesar Salad Dressing

I love Caesar salad and there are many recipes for the dressing, most using raw or coddled eggs. With the recent salmonella contamination of the egg supply, I was hesitant the other night to use raw eggs in the dressing. Dijon mustard will also emulsify the dressing, and this turned out just as good […]

Recipe – Avocado Salsa

2 large or 3 small avocados, diced into large 1″ cubes, tossed with lime juice (fresh) 2 pints of refrigerated grocery store salsa (usually fresher and better than jarred), drained (reserve the juice if you want) 6 cloves garlic, minced Louisiana hot sauce to taste 1 package frozen extra sweet or shoepeg corn or […]

Recipe – Oriental Chicken Salad

Karen Lynch gets the credit for this great salad. Her recipe has travelled around the USA because it’s so delicious. I first had it when my friend Jeani Zam made it for us; yesterday my friend Betty made it for a pot luck meal. With or without chicken, it always is a hit at parties […]

Recipe – Creole Remoulade Sauce

Another great dish that’s a staple in New Orleans is shrimp rĂ©moulade. Every restaurant has its own take on this spicy sauce. Some add anchovies, capers, olives, chopped dill pickle – you can add whatever you want. This is one of my favorites, from Commander’s Palace. It’s traditionally served as a dressing over jumbo shrimp, […]

Recipe – New Orleans Shrimp Salad

When I lived in New Orleans, my favorite restaurant lunch was an avocado stuffed with shrimp salad. Cajuns like their shrimp spicy, layered with flavor, and the seafood spice mix is essential. This particular Creole seasoning is easy to make and costs a fraction of Emeril’s or Paul What’s his name’s seasonings.

Creole Seasoning


Recipe – Pasta Salad with Asparagus, Peppers and Herbs

This salad gets rave reviews every time I take it to a party. The secret is lemon juice and zest in the dressing. Upon final assembly, toss the hot pasta with the cooled vegetables and dressing. The hot pasta will absorb the dressing and its great flavor.

1 1/2 pounds fresh asparagus, tough ends […]

Recipe – Tabouli Salad

I always keep a box or two of tabouli or bulgur wheat in my pantry. This is the time of year when I make it on a regular basis, having loads of cherry tomatoes, fresh parsley, dill and mint in the garden. There are many variations on this salad; this is how I like […]