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Pickle Production

The day before yesterday, I made my first batch of pickles from my brother Bob’s recipe that I posted a few days ago. I thought I’d chronicle the ups and downs of pickle production, complete with my mistakes for your learning.

I’ve never canned anything, so I relied heavily on advice from […]

OOOOOHHHH, I Love Onions!

Onions are one of my favorite crops. They don’t require much attention, they’re delicious at every stage of growth, and they repel aphids and other predatory insects.

Onions take a long time to mature, however. This time is greatly reduced by planting onion sets or bare root plants. I prefer the sets. I fertilize once […]

The Harvest Continues

I harvested more broccoli again today. The seven plants have produced so much that I’m getting really tired of broccoli. As long as I keep picking off the florets, the plants will keep producing. I picked enough yesterday for two meals for us. The good thing is that because it’s fresh, it’ll […]

Beware of Kitty

This is Felixity. She is one of the feral cats I feed and she and Blackie hang out with me in the garden. She hates it when I’m picking lettuce because I keep pushing her away. She loves to head butt and cuddle and hates being ignored. Yesterday I was […]

Broccoli, Broccoli, and More Broccoli – Again!

I wrote before how broccoli plants keep producing for weeks, and here’s what the plants look like during their third or fourth production of broccoli. As you can see on the left, the heads take on a fractal formation, very geometric in some and in others some very logarithmic spirals emerge. They look weird, but […]

Harvesting Lettuce – Again!

Yesterday I picked lettuce again. I took the outer leaves from every plant and it took me about 30 minutes. I harvested enough lettuce to completely fill my garden basket and the plants still look pretty much the same! We had a big salad last night for dinner and I […]

The Harvest Has Begun

It is amazing what a couple of days’ worth of rain can bring to a growing vegetable garden. I stepped outside this morning to find that the one of the second plantings of broccoli is just about to burst into blooms! I think the plant knows that even though it sat almost dormant as a […]

Recipe ~ Original Broccoli-Cauliflower Salad

I picked this cauliflower this morning. It’s purple because I don’t blanch my cauliflower. If you want to grow white cauliflower, when the heads begin to grow, pull the surrounding leaves up and tie them up or pinch with a clothes pin to keep the head shaded. Personally, I like the purple.


Harvesting Broccoli at the Right Time

This was the last head of broccoli from the first planting of 5 broccoli plants. They’re all now producing florets abundantly. My second planting has started forming heads already and they should be ready to begin harvesting in a week.

I want my broccoli to get as big as possible, so I like […]

First Tomato Harvest!

Ok, I know it’s not impressive to you, but this meager harvest represents the first fruits of my garden this year. That’s impressive to me as I see all the blossoms on the plants and know that I’m going to have a LOT of tomatoes this year. These survived the cold, which cannot be said […]