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Building Raised Garden Beds

I would recommend that you use landscaping cloth rather than newspaper to line your beds, as you’ll have better drainage. My friend and his young son are starting their first South Florida vegetable garden, and he’ll be sending me photos as they plant.

Here is one of their beds.

You have some options as […]

Why Raised Beds?

Imagine a garden full of tomatoes, peppers, eggplants, corn, beans, peas, broccoli, cabbage, greens, gourmet lettuces, radishes, carrots, onions, potatoes and herbs, growing in your yard in as little as 64 square feet. Utilizing a modified version of Mel Bartholemew’s Square Foot Gardening principles, we will explore an almost work free garden (once you […]

Buying Pre-Made Raised Beds

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: raised beds are the best way to grow vegetables. When it comes to raised beds, the deeper they are, the better. Soil levels settle with rain, and I like at least 10″ depth for growing most vegetables. My beds are 18″ deep, mainly because the greater […]

A Time To Plant

It’s October in South Florida, the perfect month to plant a vegetable garden. The humidity has dropped, temperatures are still in the 80′s, and the summer storms are still around for great irrigation.

If you haven’t built your raised beds yet, go get the lumber this week and get them built. See my post […]

Growing Pole Beans

I learned the hard way that not all beans are pole beans. Some are bush beans and they won’t climb anything. But pole beans will wrap their vines around anything they can and spiral their way up and up.

This is one of my bean beds. At seven weeks after planting […]

Self Watering Raised Beds

There are many different types of raised beds that are now available to purchase. A friend told me that Costco even has raised beds now, but for $200, they’re way too pricey for what you get. Gardener’s Supply has the composite boards and corner pieces that you can purchase separately, but if I were […]

Building Your Trellises

Another advantage of square foot gardening is that you can grow vining crops vertically, saving much garden space. The first year I had my garden, we built trellises out of 2″ wood lathe strips. These worked ok for the first year, but quickly deteriorated to the point where they were not usable the second year. […]

Filling Your Raised Beds

Congratulations! Now that you’ve successfully built your first bed(s), you’re wondering what the optimal growing medium will be. You have several options. What you’re looking for is a mix of 1/3 organic material such as peat moss, 1/3 good quality compost, and 1/3 water retaining/aerating material like coarse vermiculite (if you can find it) or […]