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Recipe – Marian’s Pesto

Pesto is one of those basic Italian sauces that is exciting to the palate. It can be made with basil, cilantro, even parsley and dill. Most recipes use toasted pine nuts; I prefer lightly toasted raw almonds. I think they have a better texture. It’s all a matter of taste, really. Here’s my version. Enjoy!


Basil – Easy to Grow

My brother Bob gave me a great idea a few weeks ago when he suggested I do a page on Dill. I thought: why not do a series of herbs growing tips and recipes. This is the second installment in my herbs articles.

Basil. Only God could make something this beautiful, wonderfully […]

Recipe – Roasted Balsamic Potatoes, Garlic, Peppers and Onions

Aren’t these vegetables lovely? Imagine how good they’ll be roasted, coated in a sticky balsamic glaze. Mmmmmm. Here’s how:

Preheat the oven to 400°. When prepping the vegetables, try to keep them all about the same size so they cook evenly. Cut the potatoes into wedges, the peppers […]

Extend Your Growing Season

My thoughts are turning to those gardeners north of zone 10. As I was browsing through Gardener’s Supply’s web site, I found some great season extenders. I’ll include links for you both now and in future blogs that will take you right to their site. Just click on the photos, like the one above. […]

Growing Like Weeds

When I bought the tomato plants the other day, one of the pots contained 2 tomato plants (the seedlings were never thinned) growing together. I should have planted the two tomato plants together, then with a scissors cut the smaller of the two seedlings at the soil level. But I decided instead to […]

Recipe ~ Original Broccoli-Cauliflower Salad

I picked this cauliflower this morning. It’s purple because I don’t blanch my cauliflower. If you want to grow white cauliflower, when the heads begin to grow, pull the surrounding leaves up and tie them up or pinch with a clothes pin to keep the head shaded. Personally, I like the purple.


Planting Tomatoes…again!

I just got back from Lowe’s where I found 2 tomato plants to replant where the cucumbers were, in back of the carrots. I made sure to get an indeterminate large fruited variety, as their roots will grow deeply and they will quickly grow taller than the carrots immediately in […]

Harvesting Broccoli at the Right Time

This was the last head of broccoli from the first planting of 5 broccoli plants. They’re all now producing florets abundantly. My second planting has started forming heads already and they should be ready to begin harvesting in a week.

I want my broccoli to get as big as possible, so I like […]

First Tomato Harvest!

Ok, I know it’s not impressive to you, but this meager harvest represents the first fruits of my garden this year. That’s impressive to me as I see all the blossoms on the plants and know that I’m going to have a LOT of tomatoes this year. These survived the cold, which cannot be said […]

Attention Northern Gardeners!

The reason that all the seed companies send their catalogues out in January is that they know that now is the time for those growing vegetables in zones 2 through 8 to purchase the seeds they want to start. The rule of thumb is to take into consideration the last projected frost date for […]