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Growing Sprouts

We love sprouts. I grow all kinds, too, from grassy sprouts like these to broccoli sprouts to beans and lentils to sweet peas, peanuts and almonds. Life feeds on life and sprouts are little powerhouses of nutrition.

This is a photo from either the Easy Sprout web site or from Sproutpeople’s site; I can’t […]

Recipe – Berry Power Protein Smoothie

I make these protein drinks every day. Since I quit eating sugar I’ve found that this makes a great breakfast on days when I have a sweet tooth. It is also good for a snack at night. A cup of milk contains 9 grams of sugar. I’m trying to restrict my intake to 15 grams […]

Lightning and Thunder!

I’ve always enjoyed a good thunderstorm. This morning the storms approached from afar. I awakened at about 3:30 with brilliant strobe lights in the bedroom and a 25 pound cat on my head. I’m not sure which one awakened me. The distant lightning was flashing continually and I was waiting for the booms to […]

Receiving Shipped Tomato Plants

Two days ago I received my order of tomato plants from Gardener’s Supply. I purchased two of their tomato grow bags to test them along with their container mix and organic tomato fertilizer. The plants arrived separately, shipped directly from the grower. The box they arrived in was a 12″ x 12″ x 12″ […]

Recipe – Almond Milk

The Almond Tree Flourishes

I was first turned on to raw almond milk in the 1970’s. The great nutritionist and whole live food champion Grace Bliss extolled its virtues, and I remember being served almond milk with our breakfast cereal at our ministry’s headquarters. When the almonds are live and soaked for 12 hours, […]

Growing Pole Beans

I learned the hard way that not all beans are pole beans. Some are bush beans and they won’t climb anything. But pole beans will wrap their vines around anything they can and spiral their way up and up.

This is one of my bean beds. At seven weeks after planting […]

Prepare Your Soil

There are a few things to think through as you plan your summer garden. Your garden needs full sun – at least 6 hours a day of full, direct sun. For those of you in the tropics, a southern exposure is necessary, and make sure it’s not shaded. Decide on the placement […]

South Florida Summer Gardening

I grew this sunflower in my corn bed one year. I love the logarithmic spirals in the seed head. God is so cool.

I’ve received several emails from readers here in sunny zone 10 who want to plant a garden now, in March. I’ve told them all to go ahead with the warm weather […]

Good Soil: Not Just Dirt Anymore

I do my best to provide accurate information on this site. I do not promote any product that I haven’t tested myself. I consider this site a reliable source of information, and hope that it will encourage more and more people to give vegetable gardening a try. Gardening is an enjoyable hobby, a rewarding experience […]

The Harvest Continues

I harvested more broccoli again today. The seven plants have produced so much that I’m getting really tired of broccoli. As long as I keep picking off the florets, the plants will keep producing. I picked enough yesterday for two meals for us. The good thing is that because it’s fresh, it’ll […]