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Tomato Problem: Blossom End Rot

I didn’t even know I had tomatoes out there – and my decision to ignore the plants has resulted in my losing a few to blossom end rot. This is a condition where the blossom end of the fruit, either tomatoes or eggplants, turns black, leathery and often results in the complete loss of the […]

Recipe – Bob’s Dill Pickles

Look at this beautiful dill plant. This is how many blossoms will form on just one plant! These are the seed heads that are used in pickles. My brother Bob has been working on his pickle recipe for years. He generously gave me a quart of them a year ago, and I […]

Save Money – Make Your Own Spice Blends

I used to buy lots of different spice blends at the grocery store, most of them costing over $4 for a little container. When I looked at the ingredients, I’d think: I could make this! I started buying these ingredients in large containers from Sam’s Club and now make these for about $2 for […]

Giving God the Glory

It’s been raining off and on all week so I can ignore the tomatoes for now.

I am back in songwriting mode again. I’ve written three new songs in the past month and I really like all three. God has inspired me to write Biblical songs that are accurate and inspiring. When I get […]

Tomato Trees

Tomato Tree

This takes the upside down growing bag to new heights. I think it’s a great idea. Click on the picture to take you to Gardener’s Supply. They recommend Better Bush tomatoes for growing upside down, and they sell them too, I believe.

There’s room for three full-size tomato plants inside this oversize growing […]

The State of Tomatoes

I picked another quart of cherry tomatoes this afternoon. Those Sweet Million plants just keep on producing. I’ve probably gotten 4 or 5 gallons per plant this season!

As I was inspecting my new plants, I pulled off the dead branches at the bottom. I don’t know why they do that, but the big tomato […]


I am loving these grow bags with the tomato automators. With NO attention from me, these plants are zooming upward and outward. Now they are beginning to blossom in nice clusters of blossoms.

Then I looked in the second bed where I threw the Roma […]

Feeding the Neighborhood

Felix the Cat

When we moved into this house, there was the occasional stray cat that would come to visit. I always told Rick: “Don’t feed them, whatever you do, or we’ll never get rid of them.” Then one day this nursing female appeared. She was a bag of bones with teats hanging down […]

Recipe – Maple Marinated Pork Tenderloin

Ok, I know what you’re saying… this is supposed to be a blog about vegetable gardening with “scrumptious recipes for your abundant harvest.” What can I say? This is a really great simple recipe for a quick dinner, so I’m posting it.

Pork tenderloin(s), rinsed, dried with paper towel and silver skin removed



Planting Seeds, Not Seedlings

There are plenty of vegetables that you can direct sow the seeds in your garden. Carrots, radishes, beets, corn, beans, peas and lettuces all are sown directly into the garden bed.

I now like to pre-treat the areas I’ll be directly sowing seeds into with BiotaMax. This ensures that the first roots […]