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Seed Shopping

I got another seed catalogue in the mail today from Burpee, one of America’s great producers of heirloom seeds, hybrids and plants. One of their tomatoes, “Brandy Boy” is a favorite of mine, and whenever I start my tomatoes from seed, I […]

Hot, Hot, Hot!

It’s been so hot here I can hardly stand to go outside to check my plants for tomatoes. Our electric bill was over $400 this past month, since the only way to keep our small 2/2 cool is to run not one, not two, but three air conditioners all day. And even at that, the […]

Sweet Potatoes, Beautiful and Productive

Sweet potatoes are my summer crop. They grow heartily with no care from me, they push out any weeds that are trying to take over, and they produce a large harvest of beautiful spuds after a few months. The vines are so prolific here that they spill out of the beds onto the lawn, where […]

Pray Don’t Find Fault

Pray Don’t Find Fault

Pray don’t find fault with the man who limps or stumbles along the road,

unless […]

Recipe – Oriental Chicken Salad

Karen Lynch gets the credit for this great salad. Her recipe has travelled around the USA because it’s so delicious. I first had it when my friend Jeani Zam made it for us; yesterday my friend Betty made it for a pot luck meal. With or without chicken, it always is a hit at parties […]

Watering, Irrigation, and Praying for Rain

Your garden will thrive the best if you water it every day that it doesn’t rain. I enjoy doing this with a hose with a wand attachment that has a soaker setting. The wand enables me to sit in one spot weeding and […]

How Does Your Garden Grow?

By now all you northern gardeners must be thrilled with your rapidly growing seedlings as they take on the summer sun and are beginning to set their fruit. Early summer brings with it the blooms from your flowers and the promise of fruit on your tomatoes and eggplants. Your cabbage and broccoli are beginning […]

From Garden to Gullet?

I see Emeril has a new book out – “Farm to Fork” in which he shows how to prepare a variety of farm fresh vegetables and herbs. As more and more Americans are growing their own produce and as awareness is increasing of the superiority of fresh vegetables, this type of cookbook is all […]

Pickle Addendum

Ok, I couldn’t wait. I opened one of the jars of pickles for lunch today, and they are AWESOME! Turns out if you cut the cucumbers up before you pickle them, the brine gets right into them. I’m pretty sure that vacuum sealing them really helped them suck the juice up. Whatever – I’m happy. […]

Pickle Production

The day before yesterday, I made my first batch of pickles from my brother Bob’s recipe that I posted a few days ago. I thought I’d chronicle the ups and downs of pickle production, complete with my mistakes for your learning.

I’ve never canned anything, so I relied heavily on advice from […]