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My Favorite Tomato Varieties

This pink indeterminate beefsteak is my favorite tomato! It’s called Brandy Boy and Burpee claims it’s their best tasting hybrid tomato. I must agree. The fruit are big, sweet, juicy – everything you want in a tomato. Each plant will give me 30 to 40 lbs of tomatoes over the course of a season. The […]

Companion Herbs and Flowers

Basil is a wonderful companion to tomatoes.

I’d like to take some time to tell you about the basic companion planting tips that I’ve found to be very beneficial. I read once that growing basil next to your tomatoes makes the tomatoes more flavorful. I don’t know if this is really true, but they […]

Turn one bed into a cornfield.

I grew up in Indiana in a Chicago suburb. In the neighboring farms, corn and beans were always growing. Fresh sweet corn was always available in roadside stands, along with tomatoes, cucumbers, beans and apples.

One summer a friend of my parents in Gaylord, Michigan invited us up to his cabin for a vacation. On […]


There are few things as rewarding to grow as tomatoes. In fact, for me, they’re the reason for growing anything. It’s all about the tomatoes.

Warmed by the sun, a vine ripened tomato rinsed with the garden hose is one of the best snacks a gardener has. The flavor cannot be […]

Consider a Salad Bed

I love to grow one bed just for salads. I don’t know why, but lettuce is one of my favorite things to grow. It grows quickly, requires only partial sun, and can be harvested a little at a time for weeks. Arugula is one of those plants that will regenerate if you cut […]

Make Your Own Seed Tape

Seed tape has many advantages. It’s easy to plant, it provides even spacing for seeds, it eliminates the need for thinning later, and it makes planting tiny seeds much faster. The problem I have found, however, is that it’s rarely available in the varieties of seeds I’m looking for. […]

Buying Seedlings

Shopping for vegetable seedlings can be confusing. Just with tomato plants alone there are many varieties and types of seedlings. Going to the local home store’s huge nursery can be a fun trip if you know what you’re going to plant. The problem is, they may not have what you want to plant. But […]