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Recipe – Berry Muffins

Berries are in season, and my garden is full of them, as are the grocery stores. I can’t resist their luscious color and texture, but often I find myself wondering what to do with them besides just putting them on cereal or mixing with yogurt. Here’s a good simple recipe. It takes about 10 minutes […]

Recipe – Red Beans and Rice

Ever since I lived in New Orleans, I have loved real New Orleans style red beans. When I first moved there, I was a waitress at Lenfants Restaurant, where their lunch special was a big plate with red beans on one side, rice on the other side, and a big hunk of grilled smoked sausage […]

Pickled Vegetables


This is Linda Campbell Melton’s post from Facebook. Looks good to me!

Fresh Cucumber Salad…stays in the frig up to 2 months!

7-cups unpeeled pickling cucumbers sliced thin (about 7 large dills) 1-cup sliced onions 1-cup sliced green peppers … 1-tbsp salt 1-cup white vinegar 2-cups sugar 1-tsp celery seed 1-tsp mustard seed

We […]

How Does YOUR Garden Grow?

Tomatoes are blushing on the vine, string beans are blossoming, and I’d love to see YOUR garden photos.. Send them to me at and the top photos will be posted here. Go ahead and brag about your garden! We’d all love to hear about it and see some pix.

Happy Gardening! Tweet

Root Vegetables

Root vegetables are fun and easy to grow. I always love the surprise of finding out how big the veggies are when I finally get to pull them. Carrots, radishes, beets, turnips, sweet poratoes, regular potatoes are all fun and easy to tend.

Radishes can be sown very close together. I generally divide a square […]