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Plant Supports

This beautiful cucumber trellis is a great example of utilizing every square foot of real estate in your raised garden bed. I love that in this picture, the gardener planted lettuce all around the cucumber trellis, which has very shallow roots. The cucumbers will send their roots deeper into the soil so you won’t have root competition. I also love that they showed the cucumbers dangling below the support (why it’s a must to use chicken wire or good stiff garden trellis netting) so that the vine can grow on both sides of the trellis. These plants will stay aerated, will get a lot of direct sun, yet will allow for a nice variety of lettuces to grow beneath it.

Gardener’s Supply is the on line store that I’ve given my business to for many years. They just have the best selection of plant supports at the most reasonable prices. Every year for several years I ordered more of their tomato cages. They last forever if you pull them out at the end of the season and clean the damp soil off of the legs. I now have about 24 of them, enough to support all of the tomatoes and eggplants that I want to grow.  They now sell extenders for the cages, but I always found that another cage would easily stack on top of the other. Here in South Florida, these tall extendors offer protection when I have to throw a sheet over the plant for any expected frowts. They fold flat to make storage easier, they are easy to stack to support my tall beefsteak plants, and they make harvesting so very easy. It’s also much easier to find predators such as the dreaded tomato horn worm because you can see the plant foliage very easily Rather than continually tying the vine to a stake, you just tuck the growing branches into the cages.

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2 comments to Plant Supports

  • Rocco Megaro

    I have used these support and the extended supports for a few years. They are the best quality supports for the price and are an excellent product. I use these supports for tomato, squash, beans and last year pickles. They are sturdy enough to support any fruiting vines. And used with the “grow bags” ( I use 8), I was able to free up a lot of space in my garden and plant more.

  • enahlerra

    Vegetables are perfect for diet and it has no side effects. The benefits given are the suitable in our health, more often or lets say most of vegetables hleps to prevent cancer. Everyday consumption would be great.


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