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It’s Time to Plant Beans!

Ahhh yes, the musical fruit. Full of fiber, protein and deliciousness. Here in South Florida, about the only things that will grow well during our tropical summer are sweet potatoes and beans. Sweet potatoes require very little maintenance, and I like them because they cover the beds with vines and push out the weeds. When I harvest the potatoes, I have (relatively) weed free beds.

I also love to fill my bean beds with lots of bean seeds. The tropical rainy season is perfect for the yard long beans which grow about 2″ a day and love lots of rain.

Here’s a pic of Burpee’s Asparagus Yard Long Beans. You can click on the picture to get to Burpee’s site for this seed. This variety is particularly wonderful. The beans grow quickly into yard long beans, and usually sport 2 beans per blossom. They’re easy to harvest and go a long way in the dinner department. About 10 beans cut up is plenty for a side dish for 2. They keep for weeks in the fridge in zipper bags and are tasty and tender. Try them!

Make sure to use a good probiotic full of nitrogen fixing bacteria when you plant legumes. It’ll insure healthy roots and add lots of nitrogen to the soil.

Happy Gardening!

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