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Life Feeds on Life!

Cultures for Health

I’ve said it before and I’ll keep teaching it. Live requires living organisms to feed on for optimal health and energy. No, I don’t have a PhD on the subjest. No, I can’t quote any studies that prove it. What I can point to as proof is how God Almighty set up this earth for us to dwell and thrive in. He gave man the herb yielding seed, the fruit of the garden, and the animals for man to eat. When not tampered with by man and ruined by chemical fertilizers and pesticides, the fertile soil will be teeming with life of all varieties. Fungi, bacteria, insects, worms, all life forms nourishing the plant roots and enabling them to recieve the nutrition inherent in the soil.

On this subject, I am a big promoter of eating live food. Sprouts are a great example of this type of diet addition. Another is fermented products and cultured products. Those bacteria are necessary for us to thrive. They are necessary for our digestive health.

I recently became an affiliate marketer with a company that produces live cultures, fermented food and other types of live food products. Here’s the disclaimer: If you order supplies from a link on my site, I will make a commission. The FDA says nothing like this can be claimed to increase health, so be it. It’s not medicine. It won’t cure you because the FDA says it won’t.

But what can be the harm in making sure your body is receiving all the life giving enzymes and bacteria necessary for optimum health? They’re all delicious.

The company is Cultures for Health. Enjoy their web site.

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