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Gardeners: Start Your Seedlings!!!

There is nothing quite as satisfying as growing your vegetable garden entirely from seeds. Some plants, like squash and beans, can be directly planted into your garden in October (Zones 9 and 10).  It’s not only the thrill of watching the little seedlings emerge and thrive, or the satisfaction you can get from eating a tomato that you grew from seed; the biggest advantage is that you can grow varieties of vegetables that you will NEVER find in any produce stand. It’s cheaper than buying all your plants, and to me much more satisfying.

I’ve written a few posts on this subject. Search in the upper left box on “seed starting” and you’ll find several blogs.

After trying many ways of seed starting from styro cups to real systems, I found I preferred using these reusable starter pots and trays. Gardener’s Supply had the best price the last time I looked for them.

Have fun shopping for seeds. Go to Burpee’s site and enjoy the brilliant variety of wonderful vegetables that God has made available for us to enjoy.

Happy gardening.

click here.

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