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Root Vegetables

root vegetablesRoot vegetables are fun and easy to grow. I always love the surprise of finding out how big the veggies are when I finally get to pull them. Carrots, radishes, beets, turnips, sweet poratoes, regular potatoes are all fun and easy to tend.

Radishes can be sown very close together. I generally divide a square foot into 36 squares and drop a seed into each square Cover with finely crumbled soil and water well. In about a month they’re ready to pull.

Carrots can be sown just as closely, but take 3 months to maturity. I find that seed tape is the way to go with carrots, and I make my own. See my previous blog on making your own seed tape. (Search in the upper left hand search box.)

Beets, turnips, rugabagas all do well in raised beds. Think about how big the mature fruit will be and plant the seeds far enough apart to accommodate them. These root vegies all require daily watering. Onions require regular weeding and watering. It takes way too long to grow onions from seeds, so I buy onion sets. They’re little baby onion bulbs and easily grow into mature onions in a few months. The growing “spring” onions are delicious as well.

Raised beds are the best! Happy gardening!

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