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For the Love of Tomatoes

I have to admit that the main reason for my garden is the tomatoes. Most grocery store tomatoes are varieties that have been bred for appearance and shipping durability, but are often mealy and tasteless. There is an almost endless variety of tomatoes available in the seed catalogues and garden centers, with […]

Buying Seedlings

Shopping for vegetable seedlings can be confusing. Just with tomato plants alone there are many varieties and types of seedlings. Going to the local home store’s huge nursery can be a fun trip if you know what you’re going to plant. The problem is, they may not have what you want to plant. But […]


I am loving these grow bags with the tomato automators. With NO attention from me, these plants are zooming upward and outward. Now they are beginning to blossom in nice clusters of blossoms.

Then I looked in the second bed where I threw the Roma […]

Rainy Days and Mondays Always Make Me Smile

It’s been raining since last night, a quiet, steady, gentle rain. I’m thankful. We need a good drenching. My garden is loving it, too. It’s a good start to the week.

Newly planted tomatoes need lots and lots of steady moisture. Now is when they are all developing those healthy root systems, and the well […]

Let the Harvest Begin!

Beefsteak tomatoes ripening on the vine.

These babies are going to be delicious. The plant has lots of blossoms on it, so the harvest should extend for a couple of months. Here are the tomatoes I harvested yesterday, along with the carrots and broccoli; That is the same 10″ lotus bowl holding the tomatoes […]

Planting Tomatoes…again!

I just got back from Lowe’s where I found 2 tomato plants to replant where the cucumbers were, in back of the carrots. I made sure to get an indeterminate large fruited variety, as their roots will grow deeply and they will quickly grow taller than the carrots immediately in […]

Recipe – Brother Dick’s Gaspacho

My mother was a terrific cook, and her love of making great food rubbed off on all three of us kids. My brother Dick is a bit of a culinary genius and loves to tinker in the kitchen. Here’s one of my favorite recipes of his. Grocery store produce works for this, but in the […]

South Florida Planting

Until this week, it’s been too hot here to plant my garden. The tender young plants do not like the intense hot sun, so I’ve waited until this week when we’ve finally gotten a break from the heat. Usually, I like to get my garden in during the first week of October, but we’ve had […]

Recipe – Brother Bob’s Tomatoes

In my continual quest to add vegetation to our diet, I was delighted when my brother turned me on to this one. ~ m

When you can find (or grow) good fresh tomatoes, slice them and “stack them like poker chips” (layer them in rows,) then sprinkle on top: sliced calamata olives, sliced garlic-stuffed […]